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Here are more things we love and hope you do too!

 For Hoomans For Houndies
Our saviours Jesus! But I don't know that he has a website 🤔 Gumtree Greys we'd love for you to foster, adopt or give 💖
Our dressmakers

Hound Tees really comfy, made in Australia and they support Maggie Moo's saviours!

Jackie & Sparkie coats and neck warmers for sighthounds and other breeds. 100% of sales go to Friends of the Hound, the group that rescued Jackie and Sparkie (and Charlotte)

Health & Wellbeing

Freya's Nourishment Nourishing your body on the inside with whole foods and the outside with natural, hand made beauty products

Centr Train, eat and live better with Chris Hemsworth’s team.

Our Trainers Money & You® Planet K9 
Our reading list

Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller

Umm... we can't read but we can sniff and chew them?

On the other hand, we've been told you have to read On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals if you want to communicate with us better 😉

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Why do we do this?

Having a platform like this allows us to share things we value and in the process generate more income. We also love helping our friends' businesses grow so they can be in a better position to do more for the world we are in.